Janice & Mike held their intimate wedding at the beautiful Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial and celebrated with family and friends.  It was a rare occurrence for me as I walked in to find that hair and makeup was totally done by the time I arrived.  As the owner of a prominent hair salon, Janice made sure hair and makeup was done on time!  Since all the parts of the wedding day were being held at The Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial, we did a “first look” session with the bride and groom before heading into the portraits and family photos.  What made this one special is that Janice’s daughter played a central role and Mike had a chance to do a first look with the both of them!  Even more touching, to Janice’s surprise, Mike presented her daughter with a necklace as a part of the wedding vows.  I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!

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