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Wedding Photography That Tells Your True Love Story

Central New Jersey + Beyond

When did “good” become good enough?

Spoiler Alert: It Didn’t

At least not when it comes to your wedding day.  

Think about it. Your wedding day is the beginning of a brand new chapter of your story. And it will most likely be full of amazing moments.

The big and small. The planned and unplanned. The fleeting and the timeless.  

It’s no wonder you’re searching for the perfect photographer to capture those memories.

Someone who:

  • you’re personally connected to and comfortable around
  • will help you and guide you through the stressful planning process 
  • won’t obnoxiously intrude and disrupt the important moments of your day
  • captures the real you and the real moments as they happen

But now that you see that list, maybe you’re starting to wonder if you’ve set your sights too high…  

Well, stick around.

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Because if there’s ever a day that you deserve perfection, it’s your wedding day.  

“Matthew Douglas Photography was very professional, but also very fun to work with. We don’t think many other photographers could have taken such a beautiful set of wedding photos, but even if they could have, we are certain no one would be as much of a pleasure to work with as Matt and Carrie.”

- Coreen S



A husband and wife photography team. 

{And suckers for a good love story!}

NJ wedding photographers matt and carrie of matthew douglas photography

We believe you should aim high when it comes to photos of your wedding day. After all, those photographs are the one thing you’ll have left to remember it by.

Which is the very reason we take the job of telling your love story so seriously. And lucky for you, we’ve photographed together for 15 years on over 300 weddings. So, it’s a job we are pretty great at.

We know that documenting your love story requires more than an appearance from us on your wedding day. It requires that we develop a great relationship from day one. 

That’s why we’ll start by connecting, listening, and paying close attention to what’s important to you! So, come wedding day, we can naturally capture those perfect shots and candid moments that matter to you. And we won’t have to intrude or disrupt a memory to pose or create something inauthentic.

Because we know that you want to create even more incredible moments to add to that already beautiful love story!
And we want to create GREAT images that go along with them.

“If you’re looking for not only the best pictures, but also wonderful and kind company, then Matt and his team are for you! From start to finish it was a pleasure working with Matt and Carrie. My wedding day was eventful and they were there every step of the way! Not only did they capture our day beautifully and we felt so comfortable with them, but they couldn’t have been more helpful or willing to step up when a situation needed to be handled! We loved having them as part of our special day, and I am 100% confident in saying I know you will too! Can’t recommend enough!”
– Chelsea D.

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Any photographer can take a “good” photo in perfect conditions. But what about not so perfect conditions? And how will they care for you throughout to ensure you have a great day?

We’re guessing that those are the questions that are really keeping you up at night…

Well, hopefully by now you’ve seen what we can do with our cameras. So now, let us tell you how we want to (and will!) make this entire experience incredible. 

We want to be an integral part of your day, not just a vendor you hired to show up to do a job. That’s why we bring an attitude of helpfulness and care to everything we do – before, during, and after the big day. You know, more like a friend who’s by your side every step of the way…


So, let’s take the first steps.



Offering Comfort & Connection


You want to feel comfortable and confident in the people you are hiring for your day. And who can blame you? You’re trusting us with your most important memories! So, before we ever take our cameras out, we like to get to know and connect with you as a couple. Let’s schedule a time to meet in our studio, chat on the phone, or hop on a Zoom call.



Meeting Your Unique Needs 


We’ll help you figure out how many hours you should book, and we’ll explain what this process will look like step by step. Then, we’ll send over a customized proposal that meets your unique needs.



Providing Clear Answers


If there’s anything {photography related or not} that isn’t clear, just ask! We’ll always try to point you in the right direction and help however we can. And we’ll never just give you the answer you want to hear or an answer that will just benefit our checkbook. Instead, we’re all about honest feedback and clear answers.
So, take your time, talk with other photographers, and think through what’s truly important to you two. Because we know you’ve heard the stories (or maybe you’ve already experienced it!)  Unfortunately those high pressure, impersonal photography sales exist. And we intentionally choose to be different.

“Loved working with Matthew Douglas! Matt and Carrie were EXCELLENT! Very energetic, personable, and easy to work with. They honestly made the whole process so easy for us which was a huge plus with all the headaches of wedding planning. Most importantly the photos they took and our wedding album came out great!” -Paul


One of the most exciting things about each wedding are the unknown moments that await.

Because the fact is, no two weddings are ever the same! You never quite know what amazing, memorable moments will
unfold that will add to the story we get to tell!

It’s those kinds of moments, and the ones featured below, that inspire us and truly make us smile every single time.







Villa Milagro Vineyards Wedding | Pamela + Bryan

Villa Milagro Vineyards Wedding | Pamela + Bryan

Earlier last fall, we had the privilege of working with Pamela and Bryan as they celebrated their wedding day with an intimate gathering at Villa Milagro Vineyards.  This was our first time at the Vineyard and it really is a stunning place!  Set high on the hill...

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