Olde Mill Inn Wedding | Caity + Adam

July 28, 2023

Carrie and I had the pleasure capturing Caity and Adam’s spring wedding at The Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ earlier this year.

The day began early, with excitement buzzing through the air as I arrived at the Inn to document the preparations. In the elegantly appointed bridal suite, Caity was surrounded by her closest friends and family. Her eyes sparkled with joy as she slipped into her stunning wedding gown, a vision of pure radiance. The bridesmaids couldn’t hold back their tears as they saw her transformation into a bride.

Meanwhile, just a floor below, Adam and his groomsmen were getting ready with laughs and camaraderie. The atmosphere was filled with playful banter and shared memories, setting the tone for a heartwarming day. Adam was able to share an emotional and heartwarming moment with his future father-in-law that Carrie documented perfectly.  He couldn’t wait to see Caity in her bridal glory.

Before the ceremony, the couple decided to do a first look, opting for an intimate moment where they could savor the joy of seeing each other before the whirlwind of the day commenced. As Adam waited in the mezzanine , nerves and excitement mingled, their love filled the space between them. When Caity approached and he turned around to see her, their expressions spoke volumes. Time seemed to slow as they held each other close, sharing tender whispers and affectionate glances.  With the first look complete, we moved on to the photo session. The Olde Mill Inn provided a picturesque backdrop, and the surrounding grounds added a touch of enchantment. As we were the only wedding on the property that day, we had full reign of the entire grounds.  The bridal party and family members joined in, and the camaraderie among everyone was palpable. Laughter and joy echoed through the grounds as we immortalized these precious moments of togetherness.

As the sun started its descent, it was time for the main event – the outdoor courtyard ceremony. The weather was threatening, but it held off long enough for this amazing spring celebration. Guests took their seats adorned with delicate floral arrangements, eagerly awaiting the couple’s grand entrance.  Caity walked down the aisle with an ethereal grace, her smile illuminating the path. Adam’s eyes never left her as he stood in front of the stone arches, framed by blossoms that mirrored the love blooming between them. Vows were exchanged, promises made, and with a kiss, they were pronounced husband and wife.

The celebration moved into the grand ballroom, where the reception awaited. The room was adorned with twinkling lights and soft hues, creating an intimate and romantic ambiance. The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones.  Throughout the evening, heartfelt speeches, funny anecdotes, and emotional toasts brought tears and laughter, forging memories that would be cherished for a lifetime. The dance floor came alive with guests of all ages, celebrating the love that brought everyone together.

As the night drew to a close, we snuck out to the courtyard to capture a romantic night-time portrait for the new couple. Caity and Adam bid farewell to their guests, their faces aglow with happiness. The day had been a testament to their love, the start of a new chapter in their journey together.

spring weddings at The Olde Mill Inn bridal hair and makeup at The Olde Mill Inn wedding dress hanging in the window at The Olde Mill Inn brides reveal to her bridesmaids at The Olde Mill Inn wedding first look with emotional dad at The Olde Mill Inn emotional groom prep at The Olde Mill Inn spring wedding photos at The Olde Mill Inn bride and groom formals at The Olde Mill Inn bride and groom walk down the hallway at The Olde Mill Inn bride ceremony entrance at The Olde Mill Inn courtyard wedding ceremony at The Olde Mill Inn The Olde Mill Inn outdoor wedding ceremony wedding cake in The Olde Mill Inn ballroom wedding first dance at The Olde Mill Inn night time wedding portrait under the string lights in the courtyard at The Olde Mill Inn

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