New Years Eve Wedding at The Bernards Inn

January 19, 2016

Some people go to a fancy dinner on New Years Eve, some people spend a quiet evening at home, and some people celebrate the beginning of a new life together.  Carrie and I had the privilege of ringing in the new year with Pam and Ryan at the beautiful Bernards Inn.  We met up with the couple and the bridal party at the Inn before the ceremony.  This time of year, it is dark early and we wanted to take advantage of the daylight for photos around Bernardsville.  From there, it was off to St. Anne Villa in Florham Park for the ceremony.  This church was amazing!  According to the sisters, Pam and Ryan were actually the first wedding they ever had at the convent.  In fact, some of the sisters watched the ceremony on closed circuit TV from their dining hall!  Following the ceremony, we returned to The Bernards Inn to party the night away and ring in 2016.  Here’s to the last wedding of 2015 and the first of 2016!

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