Lya + Steve | NJ Wedding Photographers at The Springs Anna TX

April 6, 2018

Our 2018 wedding season kicked off a little ways away from home with Lya and Steve’s wedding at The Springs in Anna Texas.  As NJ wedding photographers, it was really nice to see a different wedding vibe than we are used to on the east coast.  We flew into Dallas a day earlier than expected to escape the nor’easter that was barreling down on NJ, but the extra day gave us a chance to drive out to the venue and scout it out before the wedding.  They are not kidding when they say things are bigger in Texas!  From the drive out, to the scenery, to the venue itself….everything felt huge!  Lya and Steve were such a fun couple to work with…completely laid back and up for anything!  Since the entire event was taking place at The Springs, we met up with the couple and bridal party before the actual ceremony for their photos.  The warm, very early spring evening allowed them to exchange vows outdoors as the sun was setting.  Thanks again for having us NJ folks out to your neck of the woods and showering us with your Texas hospitality!

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  1. What a fun wedding. We had a great time. Thanks Matt for capturing this special day for Steve and Lya.

  2. Absolutely stunning wedding images!

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