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Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Matt and together with my wife Carrie, we make up Matthew Douglas Photography.  We are a boutique wedding and portrait photography studio located in downtown Flemington, NJ at the corner of Main and Mine streets.

Unlike large studios, we do not use subcontract photographers. I personally photograph each and every wedding and portrait session.  We photograph weddings throughout the NJ, NY, and PA area and are available for destinations worldwide.  Feel free to browse our wedding and portrait galleries and click below to get to know us a little better.


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wedding tips


Consider doing a "first look"
first look wedding photoLove your photos AND enjoy your wedding day!
It isn't bad luck to see him before the wedding


The First Look Session

Don't worry, we'll still get his reaction the first time he sees you in the dress!  The first look session allows us to capture all of the important photos before the ceremony.  If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, you really should do a first look session.  When the entire wedding is held at one location, your cocktail hour will begin immediately after the ceremony.  If you don't see each other ahead of time, you and your wedding party will miss most, if not all, of the cocktail hour...and your guests will miss you! 

I believe that you should experience EVERY part of your wedding day and enjoy your time in front of the camera!  A first look gives us the time to create amazing photos without sacrificing a part of your wedding day.  You get fun, relaxed photos and 200% less stress...it's a win, win situation.

Meet your photographer
Photographic Style and Personality...both are important!


When it comes to wedding photography, I think two of the most important things are style and personality.  The former referring to the "look" of the photographer's images and the latter referring to the photographer himself.  What's my personality?  I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you!  I encourage you to come in and meet me in person.  Live out of state?  No problem...Skype or Google Hangout it is!  As your wedding photographer, we're going to be spending a bunch of time together so we sort of need to get along! 

While many studios employ staff or contract photographers, we only photograph one wedding per day and we don't have contract photographers.  When you come into the studio to meet with me, I will be the one who shows up on the wedding day, and every image here and in the studio was shot by either myself or Carrie. 

p.s.  Having a photobooth?  We WILL end up in your pictures!

Invest in a wedding album
These are your lifelong memories.

Make sure you have something to pass down to your children


In our modern world, it seems that when it comes to photography, everyone is only interested in the "digital negatives."  I get it and we include the digital files in every wedding collection.  However, all of our collections also include a custom made bridal album.  Why?  Photos are meant to be printed and a professional album will stand the test of time.  Your wedding is but one day...your album will be here long after we are gone. 

Also, here's some food for thought.  Do you really think computers are going to be able to read and/or open and use today's digital files 20 years from now?  Remember the floppy disk?

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portrait tips


Shoot for a purpose
What are you going to do with your shiny new family portraits?


The benefit of custom portraiture is that we can tailor a session to a specific goal.  Perhaps we are shooting for a statement piece of art to display above the couch or for a wall gallery to decorate a newborn's nursery.  Our planning session is designed to come up with a portrait story and outcome plan that you will cherish forever.

Using specialized software, we can show you what your portraits will look like hung right on your own walls...to exact scale?  Think the portrait may be too big for that wall?  We can show you what it will look like before you buy.

Studio or Outdoors?
What type of session is best for you?


Having a dedicated portrait studio allows us to offer both indoor studio sessions and outdoor shoots as well.  The choice of sessions is up to you! 

Newborn sessions and very young children are best served by a studio session.  We can control everything from the lights to the elements in the studio (hint: it will be HOT during a newborn session).  Outdoor sessions are great for families, kids, and generational groups.  Being located in the heart of Hunterdon County NJ, we are not at a loss for beautiful parks and locales to shoot!

Bring props!
A special blanket? Favorite Toy? Let's make this session personal!


We have a TON of props here in the studio.  However, I can guarantee that we don't have the special stuffed animal grandma gave her when she was born.

Each session is different and no two families are the same.  During the planning process we will talk about any special items you would like to incorporate into your session. 

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